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Long Time No See [M]

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Re: Long Time No See [M]

Post  Hades the God on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:21 am

"Oh, I do?" He gave a pseudo-innocent look of confusion, not budging to give the boy satisfaction.

His lower lip tingled as the boy traced it with his tongue. Eyes widened a fraction in surprise. He did not expect this. The human was normally so stubborn. But it was certainly not unwelcome. And even made a small thrill crawl up his back in satisfaction that he wound the boy up so much.

He let the boy try to tantalise him, let him think has he has won. Leaning in a fraction, eyes fluttering shut - only to pull away with his grin just as wide.

"Words, not action. That can come in later, all you have to do is say a few words."

Hades the God

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Re: Long Time No See [M]

Post  Eremus on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:51 am

"Yes, you do." he growled back in annoyance.

He pushed forwards more eagerly as Hades leant down, neck straining up to meet him, only to let out a frustrated huff as he pulled away again, head falling back against the tiles.

Why did Hades have to hear it? He knew all of it. Probably every tiny fantasy that had ever passed through his head. He had the satisfaction of knowing all that.

Why did he have to embarrass him to top it all off?

"Please." he forced out, the word bitter in his mouth.


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