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Hades and Apollo

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Hades and Apollo

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:32 am

Though on the island, they worship all the Greek Gods, there are two which are more active than the others and show themselves to any who wish to make a deal.

These Gods are Apollo and Hades.

If a character wishes to change their life circumstance in any way, then they must summon one of these gods climbing up the mountain in search of a legendary tree that grows three golden apples a month, no matter the season. If they take a bite in the apple, they call upon the gods Apollo and Hades to make a deal.

Who appears is at random, and sometimes they have the choice between two. But if they are unwilling to part with their memory or their precious item, their wish will not be granted.

And if their wish was granted, there is always a price.

Apollo takes material possessions that are close to a character's heart.

Hades takes memories, or emotions.

There is also the down side of a catch, which will always happen no matter who grants your wish.

When his parents died, Eremus was only eleven. Because he was young, and knew nothing about ruling, someone else was to take over, and he and his sister Evadne were to be cast out. He made a deal with Hades - knowledge of ruling, and wisdom, in return for the memories of his parents. This way, he kept their house and status, allowing them to continue living as they always did.

But now he remembers nothing of his parents, and it is something Evadne has never forgiven him for.

There was also the catch of him being forgetful over the simplest things because of the amount of knowledge he retains.

Though not all of Hades' deals are as extreme as that, it is an example of how his deals work. Apollo is no better, and often takes objects of sentimental value to his contractors.

How it will work in the RP

At the start of every month, we will create a journal page that will announce that the tree will be reset. In the comments bellow, claim an apple, and you will be able to rp out how you character got their wish granted.

(If you don't want to rp it out, send us a note with your characters wish, and we will send a note back with what God you will get and the catch. If your character declines, just note us again, but remember that apple has been used, and you will have to claim another one if you change your mind.)

There are three apples, so three claims on the first come first served basis. If you missed an opportunity, don't worry, the apples will be rest next month!


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