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Rules - Yes, we hate them too. But they're needed.

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Rules - Yes, we hate them too. But they're needed.

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:22 am

No god-modding! If you wish to use another person’s character in any way, please ask them for permission first. If anyone complains of any god-modding, we will delete the offensive post.

Any abuse of other members of the group will not be tolerated.

No shaming, e.g. kinks, insulting someone’s character in an offensive way, rather than constructive criticism etc.

Please mark all threads containing explicit violent and sexual content with an [M] for mature.

Recognise the differences between the character and the player, for example, please do not use a character to attack a player that you do not like.


Please try to keep roleplays in theme with the cultural background of the group. We are set in Ancient Greece, so no televisions or references to Queen Victoria please!

Please use standard English. Though it is not necessary to use full English in chat, we would prefer to have well-written text posts in the forum. Please use punctuation, such as speech marks, commas, full stops and capital letters.

If you wish to say anything OOC (out of character), please put it in brackets so we can tell the difference between you and your character.

And last of all have fun! : )


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